Hola! My name is Angel

A Little About Me

I'm Angel Dominguez, an American/Mexican/Spanish computer specializing in cross-platform mobile applications and the web platforms that support them. My passions include technology, traveling, cooking, museums, reading, and exploring all a city has to offer. I enjoy helping startups and small businesses grow by offering consulting and software development. Lately, I've been focusing on local logistic services and travel guides, reach out if you're interested in working together in these fields.

My Skills

Programmer 82%
Tech Geek 90%
Chef 64%
Explorer 80%
Linguist 58%

More About Me?

I'm a native Spanish/English speaker, adequate in Thai, and know some basic Italian and French. I've lived in several cities in the US, Europe and Asia, and hope to live in a few more worldwide.

What I Love

In no particular order: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mariachis, !Mayday!, Bacon, Tacos, Dali, Piloting Planes + Helicopters, Friends, Laughing, Cats, Spicy Food, Bourbon, Diving, Skydiving, Key Lime Pie, Mangosteen, Hiking

Always Learning

I liked learning so much that after I graduated with my BS, I kept going back for more! With the PhD on my wall, I'd like to teach at a university again someday when I settle down.

Ready To Travel

Ideally I'd like to visit (almost) every country in the world, experience life like a local and embrace local cuisine and culture.

Curriculum Vitae

Angel Dominguez


Dr. Angel Dominguez is a computer engineer and software developer. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland after completing his B.S. at Johns Hopkins University. His research interests were in the areas of computer architecture as well as compilers for embedded systems exploiting memory organizations effectively via compiler optimizations. He has developed the first known methods to allocate heap and recursive function variable data (both statically and dynamically) to take advantage of heterogeneous memory in embedded systems. His other research interests have included memory and architectural optimizations targeting parallel systems, compiler optimizations for code-size versus energy savings in embedded systems and research on VLSI design of photosensor arrays. Lately, his professional time has been spent developing problem-solving products for consumer-facing startups using modern open-source technology.

§ Technical Skills

  • Product planning, coordination, and management
  • Front and Back End Platform design and development
  • Technology consulting
  • System administration, compilers, server stack setup and optimization, debugging
  • Languages: C, C++, PHP, Java, Javascript, Mongo, Vue, Node, SQL, etc.

§ Publications

View my profile on ResearchGate, Academia.edu, Google Scholar or ACM.

§ Education

Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Maryland 2001 to 2007
M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Maryland 1999 to 2001
B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering Johns Hopkins University 1995 to 1999

§ Work Experience

Angel Engineering

  Aug 2011 to Now

The Fresh Diet

Chief Engineer
  Jun 2008 to Aug 2011


System Architect
  Oct 2005 to May 2008



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Want to discuss a project, get some advice for a particular city or meet up for some tacos? Send me an email!